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Were your breath test results accurate?

Anyone ever pulled over for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol in Florida knows just how anxiety-inducing it is to take part in sobriety testing. They do it, though, because they believe that, when asked to, they must comply. The truth is, it is okay to say no to a roadside breath testing; just know that there are consequences for doing so. Then again, there may be consequences for supplying a breath sample as well.

Consequences aside, the one thing you probably want to know is: are Breathalyzer tests accurate? The Department of Transportation says yes, as do test manufacturers, but the simple truth is, they are not without fault.

Do you know why law enforcement pulled you over?

When you are facing drunk driving charges, you know there is a lot on the line. Your personal freedom, right to drive and your reputation are all at stake. It is in your interests to fight back with a strong criminal defense strategy, and a good place to start is to look carefully at the initial traffic stop.

Law enforcement cannot pull someone over just because they want to. There must be a clear reason to do so, called reasonable suspicion. When there are no clear legal grounds for a traffic stop, it could invalidate all of the evidence from this interaction. This could invalidate the prosecution's entire case against you. If you believe that there are issues with the traffic stop that led to your arrest, you have the right to challenge it.

Your divorce doesn't have to end up in court

Divorce is a difficult process that can be emotional and mentally stressful. Even between the most amicable of couples, the thought of going to a Florida family court and fighting over property, money and kids may not seem like something you really want to do. Thankfully, there is a better way for you to approach your divorce.

Through the process of mediation, you can resolve your divorce disputes without ever stepping foot inside the courtroom. This offers you a way to deal with various types of issues and disagreements in a way that is respectful and effective. With the help of a neutral third-party mediator, you can settle your divorce and move forward with confidence that your final agreement is fair, reasonable and sustainable for every member of the family. 

Do grandparents have rights for visitation?

In a divorce, often family relationships become frayed. And if you have grandchildren, you might be concerned how you will keep a relationship strong with them, especially if your son won’t be splitting time equally with their mother. You might be wondering what rights you will have for visitation with your grandchildren. What if your son and his former wife don't have a civil relationship after the divorce?

What happens after a drug possession arrest in Florida?

You’re standing on the street corner, minding your own affairs, when an acquaintance comes up to you and asks you to hold an envelope for him while he steps inside a store to use the bathroom. You say yes because you’re a friendly guy, but then a dozen police officers surround you with their guns drawn and demand you lay face flat on the ground and cross your hands behind your back.

Rights are read, a ride is taken in the back of a squad car, mug shots, fingerprints, an orange jumpsuit and soon you are in jail, charged with possession of an illegal narcotic.


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