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Do grandparents have rights for visitation?

In a divorce, often family relationships become frayed. And if you have grandchildren, you might be concerned how you will keep a relationship strong with them, especially if your son won’t be splitting time equally with their mother. You might be wondering what rights you will have for visitation with your grandchildren. What if your son and his former wife don't have a civil relationship after the divorce?

What happens after a drug possession arrest in Florida?

You’re standing on the street corner, minding your own affairs, when an acquaintance comes up to you and asks you to hold an envelope for him while he steps inside a store to use the bathroom. You say yes because you’re a friendly guy, but then a dozen police officers surround you with their guns drawn and demand you lay face flat on the ground and cross your hands behind your back.

Rights are read, a ride is taken in the back of a squad car, mug shots, fingerprints, an orange jumpsuit and soon you are in jail, charged with possession of an illegal narcotic.

Pensacon - Cosplay Runway

IMG_6117a.jpgIn this interactive project, teams work together to create cosplay characters and costumes based on a universe selected by the directors. It closely resembles Project Runway, except there are no trips to Mood, and no sewing machines are allowed.

What is Disposable Retirement Pay in Military Divorce?

     A state court has the right to divide a federal military pension because the federal government passed a law allowing states to do so. That law is called "The Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act (USFSPA). The USFSPA set specific parameters on what the state courts can actually do. The Act creates a coverture fraction to determine the spousal share to the retirement. The spousal share is limited to the disposable retirement pay. The Court is limited to awarding no more than 50% of the members disposable retired pay (gross retired pay less authorized deductions).

The consequences of a Florida DUI conviction

One thing you should know about driving intoxicated in Florida, or in any state, is you will face harsh consequences regardless if it is your first DUI or if you have a history of DUI convictions. A DUI is very serious and can lead to heavy fines, license suspension, jail, probation and higher insurance.

If you are not aware of what would be awaiting during a DUI conviction, here is what you can expect.


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