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Maxina Storibrook, Pensacon 2019

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2019 | Uncategorized |


I met a very interesting group of people, as most people attending Pensacon are. I quickly learned that one member of the group is the author, Maxina Storibrook a writer of sci-fi fantasy. She took a few minutes to talk with me.

Maxina is an author currently based out of the Atlanta area. She grew up in a military family with the Air Force, and claims Alaska as her home.

Maxina said she began writing her very first novel at 7 years old. She didn’t finish it at that age, however she wrote the first 30 pages at 7, which years later became her first book, Danarko. Danarko is in the genre of sci-fi fantasy for young adults. It tells the story of how a young girl finds herself returning to her home while an assassin is present, in the house, trying to kill both her and her mother. Her guardian, who is half fay, shows up literally out of nowhere and stops the assassin from killing the girl and her mother. The fay takes her to another dimension, however while crossing through the interdimensional membrane between worlds she passes out. The girl wakes up the next day and finds she’s no longer on earth but on a different planet with the mysterious power of shooting sparks from her fingers. Coming from the 21st century earth, she knows this is not normal, she sets out on her journey to find out who she is and the truth behind her family. She seeks out answers for why an assassin was trying to kill her and her mother.


“And that is only the first chapter!”

For aspiring writers, Maxina has written a book and workbook for guidance. Maxina said she is often approached at events throughout the country, by aspiring writers. She wrote her workbook in such a way that a writer can use the contents to frame their story in an easy to follow methodical process.


Her work book is, a Writers Toolkit for Crafting a Story from Inkling to Ink.

You can check out her website at for more information. Danarko can be purchased at

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