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Pensacon – S. Usher Evans, Author

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S. Usher Evans at Pensacon 2019

By: David A. Carroll, For: The Appleyard Agency

Whitney Evans, author, writes under the pseudonym, S. Usher Evans attended Pensacon 2019. She is an author of fantasy fiction and has written multiple books, with her most recent being “City of Veils”.  Evans, books are in high demand, and on the first night, she had sold out of several series. Fortunately, she owns her own publishing company and it’s no problem to print more.


Evans now resides in the Pensacola area, where she focuses on her writing and publishing. She has a very interesting history before taking up writing and publishing full-time. Evans said she wrote quite a bit in high school but, left that in college to focus on software design. She had a successful career at the Pentagon in computer science and software design following college. She said “writing” kept calling to her. She found herself looking for the creative outlet that writing allowed her. She left her career, moved to the Pensacola area, began writing full-time, and established a publishing company, “Sun’s Golden Ray Publishing”

Evans published her first book in 2014 and has written 17 more novels. She writes in the contemporary fantasy, romantic fantasy and, young adult urban fantasy genres. She has written several book series, and one standalone book “Empath”. “Empath”, tells the story of a girl who is going through a rough patch. She hears a mysterious voice promising her and easy out to all of her problems. She then finds herself trapped in a fantasy world where she can feel what others are feeling. She faces a Dragon that “might want to eat her.” She struggles with the realization that the source of a mysterious voice tempting her deeper into this world may be that of her own. Evans said this is a wonderful book and a great introduction to her work.


Evans’ most recent book is the “City of Veils”, in the young adult fantasy genre, tells the story of a girl who has been basically Batman for the past three years in her kingdom. She is captured one night by the Kings guards and comes to learn that her father and her brother have been assassinated and she must take on the obligations and heavy responsibilities left to her.


Evans said she loves attending Pensacon. Although she goes to many comic conventions each year, she states Pensacola is the most inclusive. Having the city’s involvement and acceptance makes all the participants and attendees feel appreciated and welcome, and elevates this over others. It is a great place to be. It is unique that the restaurants in town run specials associated with Pensacon themes and really let you know they care, Evans said.


You can check out Evans’ books on Amazon at: