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Why many divorcing Florida couples choose to try mediation

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2023 | Divorce Mediation |

Couples considering divorce in Florida may sometimes fantasize about the drama of litigating in family court as a way of getting justice or revenge. However, the reality of litigated divorce is far from what people expect given the Hollywood representation of the process.

It is incredibly dry and often very dissatisfying for both parties involved. Judges very rarely consider issues like misconduct or give people the justice they think they deserve in a Florida divorce. Many couples are happier in the long term when they have control over what happens with property division, support and custody matters.

Filing for uncontested divorce allows people more control over the end of the process and can reduce the costs involved. Many couples will choose divorce mediation as a way of pursuing an uncontested Florida divorce.

How mediation can help

Both the person pursuing a divorce and the lawyer representing them will have the goal of obtaining the most favorable outcome possible. That approach rarely lends itself to compromise. Working with a mediator will make it easier for people to bend their personal goals to a workable compromise.

The neutral third-party mediator can help uphold the best interests of both parties while facilitating cooperation and giving people the chance to retain control over their financial and family matters. The mediation process is confidential, which makes people feel comfortable discussing the difficult details of their marriage in a way that might feel embarrassing in a public courtroom setting.

When couples share children, the need to cooperate during mediation can help them develop better communication skills so that they are in a better position to co-parent with one another after the divorce. Finally, even though mediation adds an additional expense to the divorce process, many couples will find that it ultimately keeps the total cost of their divorce a bit lower because they spend less time in court.

Especially when couples have children and worry that their disagreements and personal stress levels will affect the happiness and mental health of their kids, mediation might be the calm and respectful solution their family requires. Understanding why other couples choose divorce mediation can help adults in Florida determine if it might be a good option for their circumstances.