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The Law Office of David A. Carroll
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Over 25 Years Focused On Family Law And Criminal Defense Issues

There is no substitute for experience

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer Protecting Your Rights

For many people, an arrest is their first exposure to the legal system. The experience can be overwhelming, and if you make the wrong decisions, you could face lifelong consequences due to the damage to your record and reputation.

I am criminal defense lawyer David A. Carroll of Pensacola, Florida. I have spent more than 25 years protecting the rights of people facing misdemeanor and felony charges for crimes like:

I know the local courts, prosecutors and judges, often going back many years. They know that I provide steadfast advocacy on behalf of my clients and that I am willing to fight for them at trial. In many cases, this has led to charge dismissals and reductions that work in my clients’ favor.

Additionally, I have worked with many clients over the years who were struggling with mental health issues, including bipolar disorder, antisocial personality disorder, alcohol and drug addiction and post-traumatic stress disorder. I’m aware of how these issues can affect these people, and I am well-equipped to help them deal with the criminal justice system.

A Special Note For Members Of The Military

If you are in uniform, any arrest can have disastrous consequences on your career, including court martial or loss of security clearance. If you serve at Pensacola Naval Air Station and you are arrested, it is essential that you seek help quickly. I will work to find a resolution that minimizes any negative consequences on your military career.

Do Not Wait. Talk To A Criminal Defense Attorney Today.

Every minute you wait after your arrest gives law enforcement more time to build a case against you uncontested. Start protecting your rights and call my office in Pensacola as soon as possible at 850-270-7863, or send me an email, to get started.