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Protect Your Child’s Future When They Are Facing Criminal Charges

Exposure to the juvenile justice system can be a scary experience for most children. Even if the system aims to help children rehabilitate themselves before adulthood, many end up slipping through the cracks.

At my Pensacola, Florida-based law firm, The Law Office of David A. Carroll, I will devote all of my experience and resources to protecting your child’s future and freedom. I understand what is at stake for your child, and I will work tirelessly to find the best possible outcome for the charges he or she is facing.

Call me as soon as possible if your child is arrested on charges like:

  • Shoplifting or other theft-related charges
  • Drug possession
  • Driving under the influence or minor in possession of alcohol
  • Assault, battery or any other violent crime

An Attorney Who Will Work To Protect Your Child’s Future

An arrest could mean the child spending time in a juvenile detention facility. It could also mean expulsion from school, making it harder to get into college, enlist in the military or find a job.

Even if the record will be sealed later in life, an arrest can lead to other negative consequences for your child if he or she does not receive the proper health.

My focus will be on minimizing the effects of the arrest and ensuring your child maintains the strongest chance at a bright future.

Work With The Right Lawyer When It Comes To Your Child

I have worked with numerous juveniles and their parents to successfully guide them through the juvenile justice system and get them on the path toward a fresh start. To learn more about how I can protect the rights of your child, call my office today at 850-270-7863 or reach me via email to schedule a consultation.