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The Law Office of David A. Carroll
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Over 25 Years Focused On Family Law And Criminal Defense Issues

There is no substitute for experience

Finding Lasting Family Law Solutions

Any family law-related dispute, whether it is a divorce or the end of a relationship between unmarried parents, comes with a great deal of stress. You are likely to worry about how long it will take and how much it will cost to reach a resolution, in addition to what effect that final resolution will have on your life.

I am family law attorney David A. Carroll. From my office in Pensacola, Florida, I protect the rights and interests of clients throughout the region to help them find positive solutions. For more than 25 years, I have helped clients move on with their lives in a positive way; I can provide the same representation for you.

I can help you with issues like:

My top priority will always be to find a solution that is fair, efficient and cost-effective. Most people do not want to spend months or years in family court. When this isn’t possible, however, I have extensive experience in court, and I will not hesitate to fight for the best outcome for you.

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No matter what issue you are dealing with, there is no substitute for an experienced lawyer’s assistance. I invite you to contact my office online or call me today at 850-270-7863 to schedule your consultation. I am licensed to practice in Arkansas as well as Florida, and I accept credit cards and offer payment plans and refundable retainers.