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Protecting Your Parental Rights When Determining Child Custody And Support

The well-being of the children is a parent’s primary concern in a divorce. Issues such as child custody and visitation are often highly contested and emotionally charged. I am David A. Carroll, licensed to practice in Florida and Arkansas, and I have been representing people in family law disputes for more than 25 years. If you need an experienced lawyer, dedicated to keeping you informed about your case, contact my Pensacola law firm for help with a child custody or child support dispute.

Child Custody

Child custody and parental rights are two of the most litigated issues in family law. Reaching a strong agreement for a responsible custody arrangement can be critical for many parents. I have found that when parents can resolve their differences regarding the custody of the children with the help of qualified and family-oriented attorneys, they save time, money and emotional stress.

Courts in Florida encourage both parents to be thoroughly involved and actively engaged in the lives of their children, whenever possible. If an agreement is not reached, then I will work diligently to advance my clients’ position to court to achieve the desired results. On occasion, a traumatic event or specific issues have occurred that would lead the court to award sole custody to one parent. If this is the case, I will work with you to determine if sole custody is necessary and to provide guidance on how to manage the case. I handle child custody issues during divorce, paternity disputes, enforcement, relocation and modifications.

While agreements often result in the best resolution for the family, both parents have to be reasonable to reach a fair agreement. When one party fails to be reasonable, I am an experienced and aggressive trial lawyer who is fully prepared to fight for every advantage for my clients.

Child Support

In Florida, there are statutory child support guidelines that generally control child support obligations. In some circumstances, courts can deviate from the guidelines. The guidelines consider the income of the parents, the custody arrangement, the number of children and other factors. The court may adjust the amount of child support under certain circumstances. My office can help you determine how much you can expect to pay or receive in child support based upon your circumstances.


Bad things happen to good families. What appears to be a bruise from a schoolyard accident can be determined by DCFS to be child abuse. If so, your family may be brought into a legal world you cannot understand. Don’t go it alone. You need to be absolutely clear that the end result of a DCFS investigation or case can be the permanent termination of your parental rights and the adoption of your child. When allegations of child abuse, neglect or abandonment arise, the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) becomes involved in the family’s life. Depending on the circumstances, the department could offer voluntary services, leave the children in the home and start a dependency case or remove the children from the parents. I represent parents, grandparents and other relatives interested in the children’s lives. By intervening against the department, I strive to ensure the children receive the care they need from people willing and able to do so. I will fight DCFS in court to advance and protect your parental rights.

Military Divorce

When one or both parents are in the military, determinations regarding child custody and property divisions are much more complex. With more than 25 years of experience, I can assist you in your custody dispute no matter how complicated. I handle custody cases for parents in the military, as well as for nonmilitary spouses.

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