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Save Time, Money And Stress Through Mediation

Divorce is often associated with expensive, prolonged litigation, but it does not have to be that way. Spouses have the option of engaging in collaborative negotiations or mediations. When parties resolve their disputes with a certified mediator, they are generally happier with the process and have a more productive agreement.

I am attorney David A. Carroll, licensed to practice in Florida and Arkansas. I assist people in their family law matters using collaborative means such as negotiation and mediation. I have completed the Florida Supreme Court-certified training course for family law mediators, and I help families discover their options. I represent clients in mediations, as well.


Mediation is a process involving both parties, as well as a third-party neutral. Working cooperatively, the goal is for the parties to arrive at their own agreements. Presuit mediation is not required for a divorce, but it offers couples a way to resolve their disagreements without court intervention. Especially when there are children involved, mediation can help people save time, money and stress.

To mediate a case requires both parties to be reasonable. When one party refuses to do so, we are forced to litigate. While I always hope for the best resolution through mediation, I am always preparing to fight for my clients’ rights in court.

Mediation is mandatory before divorcing spouses can proceed to court. However, it is not required until after depositions have been taken, discovery finished and motions filed. At this point, lawyers have invested a significant amount of time and parties have already spent a significant amount of money.

Presuit Mediation

Presuit mediation is an opportunity for divorcing couples to meet with a neutral person to assist them in reaching a settlement prior to either party filing a lawsuit for divorce. Parties may represent themselves, or have an attorney, as they participate in the presuit mediation process. Couples will often save significant amounts of money on legal fees and litigation expenses when they are able to meet in presuit mediation and reach a successful agreement. Contact me if you think this will help you. I will give you the information you need to make the best of the presuit mediation process.

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Before you file for divorce, contact my Florida firm. We will discuss whether mediation or an uncontested divorce could be right for you. Contact me online or call 850-270-7863 to schedule a consultation with me, a Pensacola family law mediation attorney.

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